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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Too bad... seems that less and less people come... but anyway... i come less frequence also... ai..
always spend time sleeping and sleeping these days... or actually these weeks... help... i m lossing my mood on studing.... GOD>>>>>>>>

Posted at 11:54 pm by sweetiejaime
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Monday, November 03, 2003
*why me*

Aaaaa..... [ANOTHER *grey* day]
why me... :'(
*wanna cry*

Posted at 05:16 pm by sweetiejaime
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Thursday, October 23, 2003
luv ya so much~~~!!! >3<

Waaahaaa..... chn.lit lessons are so interesting~* luv it so much~!!! 勁愛KMLee~*


中國文學其實真係一d都唔悶~* 不過其實都好在乎個老師點教~ 以前... ok la... 不過堂堂都好悶好想訓; 但係而家就唔同喇~ 我諗就算全日9堂都係上文學, 我地都會好開心~* ^^


Posted at 05:15 pm by sweetiejaime
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Wednesday, October 22, 2003
dead dead dead dead....

my econ... DEAD.... :'( really dead.... and the one sitiing next to me scored the highest mark in class.... and my score is nearly half of hers!!!! Ai... how come.... juz don't know how to answers those questions.... impression marking wor... >_<

too bad....

i am dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead dead....zzZZ........

Posted at 06:07 pm by sweetiejaime
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Monday, October 20, 2003
lazy me... ^^"

i didn't go to school today... yea, i'm not *feeling well* today.

i opened my eyes on the bed, realizing i am really too *unwell*, so i yelled to my mum, "can i not go to school today?" the answer came unexpected, she said YES!!! she said yes...??!! (guess i was dreaming) she didn't ask for a reason for not going to school, i think she knew it. i was not feeling well, because i was too tired from the camp~ muscle pain ah.... :'( AND because of too little sleep of coz.

luckily, because of several reasons, we were juz having 1 lesson (UE) today~ So~ i didn't really miss lessons eh~~ Hahaa~~~

Posted at 08:51 pm by sweetiejaime
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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Hahaa~~ ho ho wan ar~ the camp is really relaly great~!!!!! luv it so so so so so so much~~****

星期六我好早(8:00am左右)就起左身,食左個好辣好辣gei公仔麵~ 之後就番左學校,去econ 個program... 呇n早就完左喇~ 11:00am lor... 平時話11:30am ga ma! Vivi同panz都冇去,得番我同大佬去... 不過唔緊要啦... 但係完左之後就唔知有乜野做,所以頗不情願地跟左大佬去meet呇a個group... 都幾係悶下... 不過我都無得揀.. :'( 我地之後一齊去左惠康買野。由於melon, mama, dailo呇a都無牙膏,所以我就買左支喇~*

我地行得好辛苦咁先上到去 (都唔明點解唔搭車...) 我同melon, mama, dailo, shoe一間房~~ 好開心~之後有好多games玩,不過有d都幾無聊... 又唔好玩... (但係其實可能只不過係我唔想輸, 但係我地又偏偏輸左...)


野外定向: 雖然跑得好辛苦,但係好開心~ melon好叻呀~ 砌牌砌得勁快~! 數ex-co名又得吨@個數wor... 我地全部都唔識... :'( 好開心大家都可以跑得到... 唔駛最尾... :) 真係好開心~*

捉人: 我地4個女仔一次過俾人捉晒~!!! 我唔甘心!!!! 好唔甘心!!! 唔濟呀!!! 太夜譜!!! 我地唔應該唔俾人捉法ga ma!!! 過份! 真係好過份!!! (到而家仲未嬲完...!!!) 不過好彩carbon, Xavier, +X呇a捉番人... 好對唔住呇a... 見到呇a有咁多個label行番黎個一刻, 我真係感動到想走埋去錫呇a一啖~~

BBQ: 估唔到+X識煮野呀~! 身為女仔,我強烈地感到慚?..! 無左囮琣a個烹飪比賽死梗...Xavier好好呀~ 不過就太唔小心... 無左吤i能我地就無得BBQ lu~ 因為無人會加炭~ 唔小心整親隻手指喇! 不過為表我對呇a野感激,我將我燒既雞翼俾左呇a... ^^"

勁眼訓呀夜晚,不過我仍然玩到三點幾先訓.... 不過七級豬真係好好玩~! ^^~! 下次一定要再玩過!!!!

第二朝極不情願地起身,好慘。但係我都無得揀... :'( 食lunch個陣有雞翼食呀!!!! 勁開心~* 好好味呀~~



好鍾意我d grop members~* 全部都好鍾意~ 全部都好好人~ =)

Carbon: 你好好人呀~* 好搞笑~ ^^~ 仲有, 我真係唔覺得我似CHI..... -.-"
+X: 下次唔好淨係掛住影相,要同埋我地一齊影至得ga ma~*
Xavier: 好好人呀~ 不過下次你都係小心d好, 費事又搞到出水泡la...
Cemon: 好鍾意你呀~ 你好可愛呀~ 真係同我地好夾~ >3<
melon: 我都好鍾意你呀~ 你地5個我都好鍾意~~ ^^~ 次次講起joejoe都覺得你特別靚~~ 哈哈~*
Mavis: 你好靜呀~ 講多d野嘛~~!!! ^^~

Posted at 10:23 pm by sweetiejaime
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Friday, October 17, 2003
i'm finally here...

my computer is still "under construction".... waiting for a new computer.... i juz can't live without a computer.... >
i am in school at the moment, of coz. (as my computer has dead... -.-") free lessons eh~~ haaa~~~* we were so worry that our enhlish teacher, A.Lee, would take our PE lessons for english.... none of us want to have another triple english.... (at least this is what i think)~

Anywayz~ i am quite busy these days, ONE test per week... tons of books waiting for me to read (and i've only read a few pages of ONE of them), followed by reports, projects... i wonder how i can do all these without a computer...

i don't really get enough sleep these days... and today, i've found out that i have no expression on my face....

yesterday was a happy night~~ haaa~~ and i am lookin' forward for the o. camp tomrrow~~*

(Although i still have many to do within today as i am going to loss the following 2 days...)

Posted at 03:43 pm by sweetiejaime
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Monday, September 29, 2003
*grey -> black -> liquid -> solid*

God... my computer's DOWN!!! >< i juz can't see the mouse on the screen!!! and the computer *automatically* switched to the 16-color mode!!! And I juz couldn't switched it back!!!! It restarted and restarted, but everytime it's still the 16-color mode!!! I did try to re-install the driver of the Display Card and the mouse, but it's still as it was, handicapped!!! >
and now... I'm right in the computer room [sucessfully droped CA~ =)] Aaaa.... the blog have been left empty for a week already... and my computer has been *handicapped* for a week also... -.-"

i am waiting for my cousin to come to "heal" my computer... if it cannot be healed.... what i can do is just.... THROW IT AWAY~~~~~~!!!

Posted at 04:08 pm by sweetiejaime
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Monday, September 22, 2003
i give up

(arghh...! !#$%^&**()◣)!!!!! i've juz finished typing the entry and suddenly it got ALL erased!!!! .....) <- not having a good mood obviously...

ok.... sumerizing the one has been erased....

i give up.... for the proposal.... as i am juz a very beginner anyway. AND have NO materials in hands and have NO idea of what the content should be!

I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

(wait til sometime later, and I'll rewrite this entry...)

Posted at 02:44 am by sweetiejaime
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Sunday, September 21, 2003
very sleepy... -.-zzZZZ

juz back from the self-study room... and suddenly remembered that i'll have to hand in the web design proposal TOMORROW!!!! (yea i'm not joking, although i'm JUZ a beginner, but i'd like to try... ^^") haa... frankly, i have no idea of what i'll have to do for the proposal, as i've forgotten the layout of the page... :P

Aaaaa.... dim shun ho lei... aiya... si dan la.. wu.... :'( have to do it anyway with NO delay.... jessie's a extremely nice but strict chair...^^~

Posted at 11:58 pm by sweetiejaime
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